Wireless GPS

The world today is increasingly fast paced and mobile. Wireless GPS tracking is now a game-changer. Technology has been confirmed as invaluable in reacting to a developing world. Concerned parents want to guard their children. Employers are trying to handle their mobile workers. Law enforcers are looking for new ways to keep their vehicles safe.

Protecting precious property and assets is required by all. Caregivers of mental health patients are more vigilant as they go through their care from child tracking to in secret vehicle observation. To meet these comfort, our handheld GPS tracking solutions are on the rise.

At GPS Solutions of America, we use our GPS tracking tools to help make the world an easier and better place. We will narrow the gap between you and the person by putting you in the driver’s seat. Another way of how we make life easier for you.

Our Technology

Our product suite packs together all of the industry’s foremost technologies into one incorporated resolution. The union of layers, cloud-based Intellimatics, wireless connectivity, and ecology helps us to speedily convey clear results for clients about the world.

We make things easier, the bothersome tasks solved so that our clients can focus on fufilling their goals and objectives. GPS Solutions of America is your one-stop store for cutting-edge GPS tracking technology.


Our GPS tracking services are on the increase, the price also being affordable, giving users entrance to services that are more often than not found in more costly offers. GPS Solutions of America allows small business possessors to break down administrator or region-based drivers, allowing you to simply manage your fleet tracking service. GPS tracking does all this, included are the following features:

  • Geophysical: Geophysical is when you create a distinct alert area on maps such as your office or warehouse. You will be alerted when an automobile enters or exits the area. This helps you track your fleet relative to specific locations.
  • Live Alerts: You can set up real-time alerts to stay up to date on your fleet. These alerts can be triggered by the precise events you set up, such as driver safety, vehicle preservation or geo-safety.
  • Mobile-Friendly Software: GPS tracking software works on mobile devices, so you can check your fleet from anyplace.

We have a variety of products to provide your solution.
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