About Us

GPS Solutions of America has been in the Automotive industry for 3 decades. We have always been a leader in vehicle and asset tracking telematics. Our innovative and superior products are the best available as we always stay ahead of the curve in technology.

We serve the nations automotive lenders with robust asset tracking technologies to help aid in asset recovery should the need arise. Our solution not only uses the most innovative connected technology, and we are always evolving based on your needs, advancements in technology, as well as economic conditions.

With our IoT platform, we are continually building better, faster,more effective tracking solutions.

Our Goal is to provide cutting-edge, reliable, and consistent high-end products to help companies maximize their business needs through technology. We strive to ensure our services are affordable, easy to utilize. We want to make your company more than a customer we want to build successful long-term relationship.

GPS Solutions of America. Where automotive telematics meets true analytics.


Key Features to Our GPS Devices

  • Instantly locate any vehicle across multiple lots 24/7
  • Monitor loaner and company vehicles
  • Proactive low battery alerts
  • Track breadcrumb trails and set speeding thresholds
  • Real-time stolen vehicle alerts with reduced recovery time
  • Track vehicle mileage for service and loyalty programs
  • Offer your customers a real product with real profits

Dealer Benefits

  • High-margin, high-value F&I product
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Perimeter, low battery, and speeding alerts
  • Instantly locate vehicles by stock number
  • VIN, make, or model
  • Easy to install and remove – OBD installation

Consumer Benefits

  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Live-tracking 24/7
  • Perimeter, low battery, and speeding alerts
  • Safety and security for family members
  • Locate from any mobile device
  • Potential insurance discounts
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