GPS Trackers for heavy equipment with YEARLY Tracking rates as low as $20.00

Do you worry about leaving your trailers and heavy equipment unattended? You’re not alone—theft and vandalism of unattended equipment is an expensive and all-too-common occurrence.

Every business that uses heavy equipment knows the risks of leaving their assets in the field, where they can be subject to theft and unauthorized use. With GPS asset and heavy equipment monitoring, you get the reassurance of knowing exactly where your assets are at all times.

Track-equipped vehicles in your construction fleet record Trip Lines, showing you exactly where your vehicle traveled and when it was on the road. See a vehicle’s trip in real time, or select a date range to see past trips.

Use GPS to not only locate every Track-equipped vehicle or machine, but also to know where it’s headed, where it’s been and if it’s in the wrong place.

We have a solution for your needs, whether it is for your heavy equipment or personnel vehicles. We have the best value priced services you will find and we are proud of it.

Please call for your no cost or obligation assessment and we will show you we are the best.

We have true 4G GPS trackers for the future of communications, and location accuracy.

Features include:

  • Location Geo fence ( enter and exit )
  • Power disconnection Alerts
  • Battery levels
  • Miles driven
  • Driver driving behaviors (hard braking, hard steering, ETC)

We have a variety of products to provide your solution.
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